4-26-18 Nicole Sandler Show -Thursdays with Howie Klein

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Every Thursday, Nicole Sandler is joined by Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC to talk politics. Today, how Steny Hoyer and the DCCC are trying to fix a Denver congressional primary for a "New Dem" over a progressive.

4-25-18 Nicole Sandler Show – Amanda Marcotte on Troll Nation

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Journalist Amanda Marcotte guests on today's show to discuss her new book, Troll Nation: How the Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Ratfucking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself.

Media Bias Sunday Talk scoreboard! GOP 6, Dems 3 #LibrulMediaMyAss

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Tomorrow is Media Bias Sunday! Or as I like to call it, Librul Media My Ass Sunday. Previously I kept a running tally of all things unfair, unbalanced for years via the infamous TPC Media Bias Sunday Talk scoreboard. Now the series is a regular feature at NicoleSandler.com. No matter who’s in the White House or runs Congress, the corporate media nearly always has more GOP guests appearing on Sunday talk shows than Democratic guests. Trump is STILL president, brazenly lying, destroying democracy, endangering US citizens, alienating our allies, French kissing Putin, and is up to his lacquered hairburger in scandals. That means there should [...]

4-20-18 Nicole Sandler Show -Primaries Matter with Jenny Marshall & Dan Canon

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We are in the midst of primary season! Nicole welcomes two great progressive congressional candidates who are on the next primary ballot, May 8, to the show today. Jenny Marshall, running in NC's 5th district, and Dan Canon, running in Indiana's 9th.

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